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"Mark has been tuning and servicing the piano in my recording studio for the past 12 years. It's a 1925 vintage baby grand, with a clear intimate tone. When Mark is finished, the piano sings like it was just born. I can recommend Mark Krag very highly!" -- Robert Rich​​

"I am a composer and tend to bang out part scores with relentless abandon. Mark keeps me in tune and keeps my instrument happy. I have known Mark Krag for over 30 years. During this time he has taken extraordinary care of my 7' Mason-Hamlin grand, providing precision tuning and adjustment. Mark really cares about the work he does and I will continue to recommend his work to anyone who might ask." -- Paul F. Page, Composer/Pianist​

"Mark has been tuning and fixing pianos in my studio for years. His work is especially appreciated when we hold our 10-piano Kids Helping Kids benefit concert. I highly recommed Mark to all of my piano students!" -- Judy Wely, Judy Wely Piano Studio​

"I have been a private piano instructor for 45 years. I have always found Mark to be a very experienced and professional piano technician, extremely knowledgeable in his field. Mark is punctual, maintains a flexible appointment schedule and is efficient and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Mark for those seeking an expert in piano tuning and other piano services." -- Jessica Pinkham

       CELL 408-858-7605
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